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        This Course is mainly focused on the new features of NetWeaver BW 7.4 running on SAP HANA database. This will not only help you understand the HANA DB thoroughly but also will make you familiar with the advanced techniques to consume HANA models in SAP BW.


Knowledge of SAP BW 7.0 

Introduction to SAP HANA

·         SAP In-Memory Strategy

·         HANA compare to BW

·         Architecture

·         Architecture Overview

·         IMCE and Surroundings (In memory Computing Engine)

·         Row Store & Column Store

·         Installation and deployment scenarios



·         Introduction to HANA Studio

·         HANA Administration Prospective

·         Modeler Prospective

·         System monitoring.

·         Hands-on Session


SQL & SLT (Data Provisioning)

·         SQL Scripts

·         Data Types

·         Table Creation, Modification, Updating and Deletion operations.

·         SQL Select Statements

·         Uploading Data From Flatfiles into HANA

·         LT (Landscape Transformation) OR Trigger Based Replication

·         Replicating SAP tables from OLTP Server using Trigger based Replication

·         Real time Replication


Attribute Views

·         Applying star schema technique in SAP HANA

·         Attribute Views

·         Calculated Columns

·         Hierarchies

·         Time Data Generation

·         Derived Attribute Views ( With Practical Scenario)


Analytic Views

·         Analytic Views

·         Variables & Input Parameters

·         Calculated & Restricted Columns

·         Currency & Quantity Conversions

·         Calculation Views

·         Star Joins, Cubes & Dimension


Calculation Views & SQL

·         SQL Scripts Continues …

·         Joins and Unions

·         String Operations

·         Stored procedures

·         CE (Calculation Engine) Functions.

·         Aggregations

·         SQL Triggers (With Real time Scenario)



·         SQL Scripts Continues …

·         SQL Script based Views

·         Calculation Engine Functions Depth.


Data Provisioning (DXC)

·         Introduction

·         Configuration

·         Data Provisioning Using DXC

·         Scheduling Delta

·         Process chain in DXC

·         Error Handling



·         Introduction To BW On HANA

·         What’s new in BW 7.4

·         Non active data concept – Near Line Storage (NLS)

·         SAP HANA BW Open ODS field-based modeling

·         Optimized data model for BW Infoprovider

·         Operational Data Provisioning – The new Delta Queue

·         HANA Analysis Process (Execute HANA-native functions directly on BW Infoprovider)

·         Other features for SAP BW 7.4 powered by SAP HANA

·         Hands-on Session



·         HANA Optimized DSO

·         HANA Optimized Infocube

·         Virtual Providers based on HANA Models

·         Transient Providers

·         SAP HANA Composite Providers

·         Analytic Manager (The OLAP compiler for HANA)

·         BW optimized content for HANA (New Business Content)


 Data Provisioning (BODS)

·         BODS (Business Object Data services)

·         HANA As a Central Repository

·         JDBC & ODBC connectivity.

·         Replicating data from SAP OLTP Server Using BODS

·         Replicating data from Flat File Source systems

·         Query , Case, Merge , Pivot, Reverse Pivot Transformations in BODS

·         ABAP Transformations in BODS



·         Introduction to Business objects

·         Information Design tool & Universe Design

·         BO Explorer ( To Generate Adhoc Reports)

·         Publishing & Accessing reports from Launch pad

·         BO Explorer on Mobile

·         Time & Geo Special Analysis

·         Real Time Scenario



Revision & Real-time Scenarios

Knowledge Check (Assessment)